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"…Angie Lawrence designed my kitchen and bathroom cabinets for the new home which I had built in 1996. At all times ...she was bright, cheery and extremely professional. She made numerous trips to my property to measure, re-measure and verify all was going as planned...The finished product looked exactly like the computer drawing! Angie was very thorough. The product ordered was exactly as promised, I am sure due to the fact that Angie paid attention to every detail. What I appreciate the most about my work with Angie, is the fantastic kitchen and bathrooms I have ...Anyone who enters the house marvels...the design of the cabinetry is spacious, functional, and frankly a lot of fun.."

—Margaret M. Armstrong; Assistant Vice-President Colorado National Bank
Watkins, CO client of Premier Custom Homes, Inc.


"I am an interior designer and have utilized Angie's kitchen and bathroom expertise in projects for my business. She has always been professional and thorough when reviewing my ideas and educating me in the kitchen and bath design process. On occasions, Angie has taken me to visit job sites to view different manufacturers' cabinetry and see unique products that help make a kitchen efficient ...I have also met the builder/ contractor on the job and the clients she has chosen to work with. The clients I have personally talked to have enjoyed working with Angie. I am very confident in Angie because of her many years in the kitchen design industry. I have also referred other designers to her that can benefit from Angie's knowledge and willingness to help. She is a delightful person..."

—Angel Westphal; Owner Maven Designs; Englewood, CO; Interior Designer


"Angie is a highly qualified kitchen designer with exceptional design skills and creativity. It is a pleasure to work with such a talented professional who values long term relationships with her clients…"

—Gail Doby; President; Renaissance Design, Inc.; Denver, CO; Interior Designer