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Green Products

The environment has been an increasingly important issue in our society in recent years. The importance of clean air indoors is of the utmost importance in our homes as well as in the environment. It is suspected that in the coming years, more and more people will suffer allergic reactions from the man-made products used in the home.

First Class Interiors specifies universal and environmentally friendly kitchen and the bathroom products and advocates and endorses many clean air products for the home.

Casa Verde Paint (healthy, high-performance interior finishes for residential and commercial projects)

Green Building Supply (eco-friendly flooring, paints and coatings, cabinets and countertops, cleaners, lighting, fixtures, and building materials)

Green Depot (environmental building materials)

Green Home Guide (U.S. Green Building Council’s blog)

Green Logic (sustainable, organic, fair trade, environmentally-friendly, recycled, and reused apparel, linens, kitchen, gardening, and decorative items)

Green Seal (sustainability standards and certification for products, services, and companies)

Marmoleum (100% bio-based linoleum flooring)

Neff Cabinets (ask for more information about their Fresh Air program)

Neil Kelly Natural Line of Cabinets (non-toxic, eco-friendly cabinets)

ReDirect Guide (the healthy and sustainable business directory and lifestyle guide)

Revampt (home furnishings made from recycled materials)

Stina (Up-cycled furniture, accessories, art and gifts)

Talulah Jones (fair trade, recycled, and green clothing, books, toys, stationery, jewelry, and home décor from a Certified Green company)

Ten Thousand Villages (nonprofit, fair trade gifts, jewelry, home décor, and art from artisans in 38 countries)

The Black Cat/White Dog Gallery (a non-profit, social justice program offering repurposed, antique and new furniture, art and decorative pieces for the home, including children’s and pet items)